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Better Web Design: Benefits Of Responsive Website Design

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The first thing you need to do before building a website is determine the type of layout that your site will have. Responsive websites are becoming increasingly popular because they work on any device, regardless of screen size. Responsive design solutions allow people to use their phone or tablet in addition to desktop computers when browsing your website. This article will explain what responsive web design is and how it can help increase the success rate for your business on the web.

A Responsive Website is What Separates Online Success from Failure

Opting for a responsive website is a no-brainer! We always suggest implementing a mobile-first design process to get the best results in the least amount of time!

The following are some of the advantages of implementing Responsive Web today:

Responsive websites are look and perform beautifully on any device and screen size, which allows your site to be seen by more people.

Responsive websites, on average, load pages faster than traditional website layouts. This means that loading time is less of a problem for Responsive Websites. Responsive Websites also tend to use less data with this advantage and will make your customers' devices last longer before needing charging.

When it comes to SEO, Responsive Website Design has an advantage over traditional website layouts because search engines can index all content on one page without leaving or repeating the user's story. Responsive web design will give you an edge over the competition, without a doubt!

Responsive Web Design Loads Faster, Improving SEO & Leading to a Better User Experience

Some major benefits of Responsive website design include a better user experience and built-in Search Engine Optimization.

Responsive websites load faster on any device since the site will adjust to fit the screen size of the end user's mobile device.

a graph showing how page speed affects bounce rate - RYSE SEO

Responsive sites also naturally provide universal viewing without any need for adjustments, meaning that no matter what type of connection is available or what type of device is being used, your site will be viewable across all screens and devices seamlessly so there are no problems in navigation.

Responsive Website Design has an inherent advantage over traditional website layouts because search engines can index all content on one page without leaving or repeating the user's story making it easier to find information as well as make sure everything loads faster on both desktop computers and mobile devices regardless of which device.

A Better User Experience Has Been Proven to Increase Conversion Rates

Performing a usability test can detect 85% of UX-related issues.

"We can’t stress enough the impact of user experience on any business out there, and detecting as many issues as early as possible is crucial. Performing a usability test is the key to resolving at least 85% of the UX-related issues. The best way to do it is to test three or four sets of users, one at a time. Each set should have five users, totaling 15 to 20 people." (Source: Truelist)

The user experience is an essential element of any website, and it turns out that the user's experience can greatly affect conversion rates.

In a user experience study, it was found that the user's perception of a business can be greatly changed depending on how they interact with a site.

A frustrating site with poor loading times will leave a bad first impression, resulting in users bouncing out of your website before they even get to see the content!

In the End, No Matter What Your Online Business Goals Are, A Responsive Website Is a MUST!

Responsive websites in the end, have way too many benefits to ignore when compared to traditional web design, such as:

  • Responsive Web Design Loads Faster, Improving SEO and Leading to a Better User Experience

  • A Responsive Website is Compatible on Any Device or Screen Size, which Allows Your Site to be Seen by More People.

  • Having A Responsive Website Today Can Increase the Success Rate for Your Business Online.

Those are just some of the advantages Responsive Web Design has over traditional website layouts that you should consider when it comes time for your next website project.

Come back soon, as we will be discussing what Responsive Website design is and how it can help increase the success rate for your business on the web!

Let RYSE Design a Fast, Optimized Responsive Website For Your Business

RYSE specializes in Responsive Website Design and offers affordable web design services for businesses.

Our latest web design projects include an online clothing store, a professional marketing company's website, as well as many more that are in the works.

We're confident that the combination of our expertise with your vision will lead to success today and for years to come.

Contact us to get started on building your new website for that side hustle you've always dreamed of starting!

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